Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fresh Pancakes and a 5K

Last weekend I got my booty out of bed early to run in the Alpharetta Mayor's Challenge. I registered for the race to give myself a reason to train since I find it much easier to make time to do so if I've put down some money. And of course because The Original Pancake House was providing a pancake breakfast for the finishers and they're super yummy!

When I arrived in Will's Park, it stuck me that this race was the first time I've been completely alone. Before I've either raced with someone or had someone on the sidelines to cheer me on and this time it was JUST me. I ran around the park a little bit to warm up after checking in and picking up the every lovely, yet comforable poop-brown race shirt. It's pretty nice and I made a mental note that I should come back some other time to run. I ran by that park during so many of the long runs leading up to the marathon, but had no idea it existed.

Walking up to the starting line I struck up a conversation with an older gentleman who was also sporting a Garmin. He'd also done the Georgia ING, so we swapped stories until the start. The mayor of Alpharetta lead the race in a nice car that quickly distanced itself from me. The first mile went pretty quickly and I was impressed when I checked my pace...much faster than usual and not terribly uncomfortable. After the mile mark I passed the cutest little old man and I was so impressed that he'd kicked my butt during that first mile. And then the humidity hit me like a brick wall. I was sporting my hat and I had to take it off and curse at myself for not putting my hair up in at least pigtails and looking around for the water station. That is my one complaint about this race. The water station was after the 2 mile mark and the cups of water were the size of the ones used to rinse your mouth out in the bathroom. I drank a little and and rest went on my head and I charged on past the farmer's market (mental note to check that out in the near future) and back around to the park and finished the race. Water, bananas, and pancakes were enjoyed next to the DJ's booth while people watching. Then I walked past the bubble machine to cheer on the early 10K finishers and later 5K finishers before I went home.

Overall it was a fun race that I want to do again next year. I ran it faster than last month's 5K, but still didn't kill myself. I think I'm going to continue to do local 5K/10Ks over the summer to motivate myself and to get faster for a pontential half marathon in the fall.

Race Stats:
Overall Place: 66
Overall Female: 19
Age Group: 5
Watch Time: 26:48
Offical Time: 26:43 (How did that happen???)

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