Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spring Training and Ugly Toes

Ah...I have once again gotten that twinkle in my eye for running. I registered for Zooma Atlanta (my first half marathon)! As soon as I'd finished putting down the cash I got super excited and began plotting out my training schedule. I'm going to follow either the Hal Higdon novice or intermediate plan depending on how I feel about my fitness level going into those 12 weeks. However it's a lot further out than 12 weeks, so I found a spring training schedule to help keep me motivated until then. It's intended for pre-marathon training, but I'm probably just going to mess around with the "long run" days. It's so great getting to put a huge X through a workout again!

I'm so excited about this half because unlike my first marathon, I KNOW I can do this. During my training for the ING Georgia full I really fell in love with running 12-15 miles. I felt so strong and didn't have to deal with the fatigue that seemed to go hand in hand with anything over 15 miles. It's also heartening to know that I've technically already done two back-to-back halves and survived. During the ING I went out WAY too fast and was running primarily with people doing the half. They were a fun crowd and I remember all of the laughing and excitement when they reached the 1/4 done point (and me not so excited knowing I wasn't even close to my 1/4 done point). The timing of this race (Nov 8th) also is exciting because it's about the same time of year that the all so exciting end of cross country season was in high school and college.

But with all this excitement I also have the knowledge that my poor feet are going to get ugly again. I've never had issues with my feet until I began running longer distances. It took quite awhile for my feet to get over the hardened over blisters, but my toe nails haven't been so lucky. They are HIDEOUS. I've never lost one, but nail polish isn't an option anymore--it's a requirement. Oh well, not like I'd ever had a career as a foot model anyways.

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