Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting Ready to Run for Two

So I have completely fallen off the wagon with running since the end of July when I found out that I'm expecting. At first I was a bit too excited to go for a run and then the morning sickness kicked in and since then I've just been in survival mode. I'm starting to feel better and have been walking more lately, but I'm going to start easing back into running again this week.

To prepare for this I shelled out some cash for a new Garmin with a heart rate monitor so that I can make sure I'm not pushing myself too hard. I still have the green light to run from my doctor, who only advised that I shift my pace down a minute or two a mile and listen to my body, but the paranoid part of me feels a lot better looking at numbers. The new Garmin just came in and is charging as I type. I'll try it out tomorrow on a shorter run/walk.

I'm so excited about my new running buddy (due early April)! I've spent some of my down time looking at onesies that say cute stuff like "Go Mommy Go!" and "My Mommy ran (insert distance here), what did your mommy do?" as well as running strollers. I remember seeing runners pull over to kiss and take pictures with their kids during the marathon and I can't wait to get to do the same. I also can't wait to involve this little one in fun runs and hopefully cross country and track later on:)

So hopefully I'll be back on the wagon, although slower.