Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back After Baby

It's been a really long time since my last post and a ton has happened in that time. My little buddy arrived 7 weeks early after a complicated pregnancy with a birth defect that we found out about in January. We were really lucky--the problem was easily corrected with surgery, his prognosis is excellent, and he none of the other defects associated with the one he was born with. Reading about other parents' experiences with this defect was so helpful to me, so I'm working on a mega post about our journey.

Beyond the rough start, becoming a mom has been great. Am I tired? Yes. Do I wonder when I'll get my life under control again? Yes. Do I wish my tummy was back to normal? Yes. But there are precious moments like taking naps together that make me forget about all of that.

Two weeks ago I was given the green light to exercise again! I've started out slow--running 1 mile every other day the first week and 1.5 miles every other day this week. The first run was so exciting. I haven't gone out in nearly 7 months, so I had to find my awesome new Garmin Forerunner 305 that I only tried once before hanging up the running shoes for the pregnancy, dust off my running shorts, and try my best to take it easy. I did the first run at marathon pace and it wasn't too bad.

I'd really missed running. It's my way of dealing with stress, relaxing, and regrouping, so I had a hard time without that outlet. I'm so excited to get back into shape and am planning on doing a 10K on July 4th, a half marathon in the fall, and a full marathon next spring. I also can't wait for Bobo to hit the 8 week mark so we can break in the jogging stroller:)

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