Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fitting It All In

I feel like I've gone a little crazy since little man's birth. Since he was nearly two months early we weren't nearly as prepared as I would have liked and I spent quite a bit of maternity leave doing things that I would have liked to have done before he was born. I guess you could say I've felt scattered since February and I'd just like to feel calm, centered, and organized again.

I just finished the third of an eight week training schedule for my comeback 10K, which feels like a huge accomplishment paired with going back to work. We were fortunate enough to have family come and take care of the baby my first month back, but that did make fitting it all in challenge since they're all from out of town and I also wanted to spend time with them.

Fitting it all in has always been challenging, but I've come to the conclusion that I need to keep my evenings open to get through bath time, bottle prep time, day care bag prep time, and cuddle time with little man. This unfortunately means that I've had to sacrifice my evening runs in exchange for the dreaded morning run.

I have no problem getting up early to run on the weekends and even enjoyed it during marathon training, but there is something so hard about getting up even earlier on a weekday to go for a run before what will be a long day. Battling with humidity while shaking off sleep isn't ideal compared to the therapeutic value of the evening run, but is my new reality. Wish me luck with this switch.