Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bumps in the Road

Ah training has been challenging lately. I know that life happens and that in any given 8-18 week training schedule you'll have a few missed workouts because life happens. I'm in week 7 of an 8 week schedule for a 10K and have had to miss workouts. I had a killer sinus infection that came and went and has hit me (to a lesser degree thankfully) again. While I'm sure I'll survive the 10K that's coming up, I know my fitness level just isn't going to be where I wish it was.

I am such a fan of structure that it just kills me to look at a training schedule and know I haven't been able to do all of the workouts. I realize that life requires flexibility, but I have a hard time not feeling a little disappointed in myself. At the same time, when I line up at the start line I know I should focus more on the positive--that I did get out and do most of the work, tried my best, and made an investment in myself.

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