Monday, June 14, 2010

Out With The Old And In With The New

Two weeks ago I bought a much needed new pair of running shoes. I went to The Big Peach Running Company and thoroughly enjoyed the fit process and ended up with another wonderful pair of Asics, the brand I've been running in since college. They're now broken in and have a full week's mileage logged in already.

Now that I know the new shoes are a hit it's time to retire the old ones. Usually I have no problems chucking the old running shoes into the garage for their new life as lawn work shoes, but this pair is going to be a harder goodbye. I bought them right after I realized the previous pair just weren't going to cut it for my marathon during a 20 miler. We've been through a lot together. My first marathon. Winning my age group for the first time. The little running I did while I was expecting and then my first miles as a mom. They were also there with me when I took a run after my first day back to work through my tears of guilt. It's been an action packed year and I have a lot of memories in these shoes. Goodbye and thanks.

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