Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Strange Start to the New Year

It has already been quite the year without 3 full weeks under the belt.

We spent New Year's with our teething 11 month old with a bad cold. Good times. He's a sweet little boy, but gets very needy when he's not feeling well. Of course when anyone feels off, they want to be comforted, and specifically want to be comforted by their mom. Therefore, I received a lot of coughs in the face.

Which leads me to the first full week of January. I woke up Monday feeling off, so I went into work just long enough to keep the plan for my week's experiments on track. Tuesday I felt destroyed. Thursday afternoon I finally hit my marker of beginning to feel better, which is noticing the housework that needs to be done. Friday was another half day at work.

Then came a winter storm. In Georgia. We were stuck in the house for the week due to dangerous icy conditions. I did spend 2 hours clearing most of our driveway, but that was more to ward off the cabin fever.

Which brings us to the third full week of January and getting back I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. This evening I was even able to go for the first run of the year while dinner was in the oven after the baby was in bed.

I've thought a lot about what I'd like out of this year. I considered setting running goal, but I should be wrapping up my graduate career and don't want to have too many large things on my plate. I've settled on a goal that is so simple, yet to complex. I want to take time for myself, and feel good about it. This involves potentially doing several things I have a hard time with, like asking for help, not trying to be superwoman and do everything, and saying no.

Also on the docket is planning little man's first birthday party. Where has the time gone?

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