Sunday, November 20, 2011

Maintaining in the Off Season

So I still have no racing goal, but I think that's the best place to be right now. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out in a week, my boss is coming back after 6 months out of the country in two weeks, and within the next 365 days I'll be defending my dissertation. I'm in off season mode.

I don't want to lose all that I've gained this past year, so I'm in maintenance mode. I'm trying to run a few miles 3-4 times a week at around 9 minute pace at the slowest. I hope that helps keep me in a good mood and from becoming too chubby. It's been weeks since the intensity of half marathon training and I've managed to not put on any weight. Hopefully my decreased appetite will last through the holidays.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Between Goals

I'm in a rough place with running right now. I'm goalless.

It's so hard for me to get moving without a goal of some sort. I know I feel better when I run regularly. I know I sleep better when I run regularly. I know the only downside is the increased laundry that comes with running regularly.

I've been running once or twice a week since the half marathon. While that's better than nothing, I feel like a slug. The fitness level is going away. I'm feeling crabby and chubby. And the holidays are around the corner and I need to get back on track in a big way.

I need a goal. Or else I need to make it a goal to learn to run consistently while goalless.