Friday, January 13, 2012

Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

This song came on while I was on the treadmill a few nights ago feverishly trying to get in some miles while my husband was struggling to put our son to bed. It seems very fitting. I must be very bad for how little rest I've gotten lately.

The past two weeks have been rough. Really rough. My nearly 2 year old son learned how to gracefully climb out of his crib and has ushered in the era of the toddler bed far sooner than we'd anticipated.

It's not the first time a toddler bed has been introduced. When we arrived in Michigan to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws there was a toddler bed waiting for him complete with a huge Elmo pillow. He screamed for an hour the first night until I brought him to bed with me and we were so frustrated during nap time that we drove to Target to buy a pack and play. The rest of the trip was much better with little man happily confined.

January 2nd I wasn't feeling well and went upstairs to take a nap. I was stirring from the nap when I heard my husband say, "Hey buddy, did Mommy get you out of your crib?" I had not. The era of the toddler bed had begun.

The first few nights he did a pretty good job falling asleep in his bed for a few hours and then finishing out the night in our bed. And then everything fell apart. We spent hours putting him to bed and got no good rest when he eventually came into bed with us.

To say the least, this has put a kink into our well oiled schedule. I didn't realize how much I've come to rely on that schedule for everything from getting things done around the house to running during his naps and nighttime sleep.

So now we're trying to figure out what works for us. It's apparent to me from reading message boards that what works for one child doesn't for the other.

What has worked? Taking little man with me for a run during nap time has worked. After 5 minutes he'd passed out and I was able to enjoy my run knowing he was getting some much needed rest. I was incredibly sore the next day from the fully body workout that comes with pushing the baby jogger any distance, but happy.

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