Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mild Weather and a Dose of Motivation

It's been nice out for January. Very nice. I saw a guy running while I was driving home today without his shirt on and it seemed reasonable. It also made me absolutely determined to get off my treadmill and enjoy the mild weather.

I convinced my wonderful husband to put little man to bed so that I could go for a run. I gave my toddler a kiss and told him mommy was going to go run and that I'd be home when he woke up and he went nuts. The babbling that ensued boiled down to him wanting to go for the run with me. I was only able to sneak away by promising him I'd run with him this weekend and then distracting him with selecting bedtime books. But talk about motivation. I have a running date!

The outdoor run was lovely after the hours I've been logging on the treadmill. I haven't ran outdoors without the baby jogger in quite awhile, so I felt like I was flying.

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