Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Little Extra Effort

Life has been a series of days filled with commuting, dissertation writing, potty training, nursing, laundry, and not enough sleep.  It's a good busy, but busy nonetheless and it's not always easy to handle it all with a smile.

One evening I was incredibly irritated and was debating just going to bed or going for a run.  My hubby encouraged me to go for a quick run.  I started out slow, but kept pushing the + button on the treadmill to try to run all that frustration and foul mood out in a quick mile.  At the end of the mental health mile I felt better and had done a mile in 9:26.  The quickest I've previously gone prior to that night post-baby has been 10:00.  I didn't feel spent; I felt awesome.

The next day I wasn't sore at all.  This made me realize I could put out a little extra effort in the workouts I am putting in.  My last workout I tried to put in a little extra effort for 15 minutes and ended up going 1.6 miles for 9:22 pace.  Once again, I felt awesome.

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