Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 10

So proud of this one.  Done after a day of tailgating and football on a very hot and humid day.  No excuses!

Day 10:  9:41 on the treadmill before dinner.  Felt pretty good.  10 out of 10.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Day ??

Unsure of the day.  Had a frustrating morning and was trying to run into a better afternoon.

Day ??: 9:13 on the treadmill after lunch.  Quick for the first 3/4 and then kept punching up the speed the last 1/4.  Running felt good.  The verdict is still out on my mood.  9 out of 10.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 8

Day 8: 9:32 on the treadmill after lunch.  I felt great.  Listened to a podcast and kept cranking up the speed.  A 10 out of 10.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 7

We spend the morning at a spray park with friends since it closes after Labor Day.  Swung by for chik fil a for lunch on the way home.  Both kids were asleep by the end of the mile.

Day 7:  9:50 on the treadmill after lunch.  Very pleasant but I can't give it a perfect because I spent the first half mile reminding my son not to jump during rest time via the baby cam.  9 out of 10.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Perfect 10

I have no idea which day it is.  But I do know now that hubby reads this occasionally as he mentioned this challenge while we were picking up Sonic.

Day ?:  10:00 on the treadmill an hour after the kids went to bed.  I felt great.  I spent the mile texting a friend (sorry for the terrible misspellings and nonsense) and upping the speed.  A 10 out of 10.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 5

Today's mile was great.  No discomfort at all which I was pleasantly surprised by since I had some tummy troubles over night.

Day 5 on the treadmill after lunch.  9:53 and it was good.  I upped the speed every quarter mile but felt great.  10 out of 10.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Test of My Resolve

Today tested how committed I am to this 30 miles in 30 days.  Big kid refused his nap and we went for a long walk/big kid bike ride with our best family friends this evening.  This made for a tired and fussy evening and although the kids both slept within minutes of bedtime, this momma was TIRED both physically and emotionally.  The hubby picked up Arby's and we both had a drink with our late dinner.  And then I ran.  Pretty much just to get it put of the way, but I ran.

Day 4.  10:04 on the treadmill at 8:30pm after a junky dinner and a beer.  I've never ran after a drink before and my hubby joked to make sure I didn't fall off the treadmill.  Silly guy.  Not a bad run.  The lungs burned a bit, but that's the only complaint.  A solid 8 out of 10.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 3

Today we went to an event our little city put on called touch a truck.  There are response vehicles, delivery trucks, farm equipment, construction vehicles, buses, limos, and even a helicopter that folks were able to view up close and even sit in.  Little boy heaven, but a lot of walking on a hot day.

I fit in today's mile after I got the kiddos in bed.  My hubby went out to draft his fantasy football team, so I ran and am now enjoying a beer watching Downton Abbey.

Day 3 on the treadmill.  10:03 feeling better at the end than the beginning and had another side stitch, but a good mile.  I woke up today feeling that my core was tight, but it was a good sore.  Giving this run a 8 out of 10.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 2

So this almost didn't happen.  I woke up a little sore and took my kids to the dentist for the first time (which went well but was a workout in itself) and wasn't even thinking about it until little man asked if I was going to run on the treadmill again during his nap.  Talk about accountability!

So I put the second mile in!
Day 2: 10:26 on the treadmill.  I was tight at the beginning but felt loose at the end.  Side stitch city, but I think I have my lunchtime Dr Pepper to thank for that (which was my treat for taking the kids to the dentist;).  Once again not bad but I'll have to give it a 7 out of 10.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trying Something New

This morning I saw a shared link on Facebook that caught my attention.  I didn't have enough time to read it in depth, but I like the idea- a 30 day challenge of running a mile each day. 

It sounds perfect for me.  I haven't ran at all in 2-3 months and need a way to get back into the groove of running without getting overwhelmed or signing up for a race.  It's been a very rainy summer in my neck of the woods and between the showers, kiddos, nursing, teething, and my daughter not sleeping through the night the thought of working out beyond taking a walk with my family seems like a tall order.  But really I know it's all just excuses.

So I've started this challenge.  Today.  Right after lunch and getting my kids in their rooms for nap.  And I'm not telling anyone beyond this and dailymile (I highly doubt even my husband reads my blog since it's not technology content).  Well I did tell my 3 year old son, only because he's not in a crib and I didn't want him searching for the source of the noise of me on the treadmill during nap time.  He was cute and asked me why I wanted to exercise.  I told him I like how it makes me feel healthy and strong.  That seemed to satisfy him.

Each day I'll put up that I did my mile and a quick blurb. 

Day 1: 10:55 on the treadmill after lunch.  I set the speed much slower than I thought I could do because it was right after lunch and I hadn't ran in quite awhile.  Breathing felt fine, but my muscles were feeling warm/pulled during the last quarter mile.  All and all a 9 out of 10.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Little Things

Ever have one of THOSE days?  Where nothing really bad happens, but everything just feels a little off?  I had one of those today.  It probably all began with the 3 hour stretch rocking my daughter in the early morning hours trying to sooth her miserable teething self back to sleep.  Then some crazy traffic running errands.  Next add a dash of feeling like my kids were out of control at the pediatrician's for a check up (during nap time, what was I thinking scheduling it for then?) and a bit more while having friends over for dinner.  And last add messing up the roast and green beans for dinner and having my hubby save the day with burgers and fries (but I did successfully make a fruit salad...).

Being more than a little tired and frazzled, I cried a little bit while everyone else was grilling or playing outside while I fed my daughter baby purees inside (which she spat up and finger painted with).  Luckily I pulled it together enough to joke with my friends outside about not being allowed to cook the rest of the evening so we could eat and was able to fake the smile until I started to enjoy my evening. 

All and all the little things made me feel so inadequate.  After everyone went home, I was still deep in feeling not quite good enough while I was rocking my daughter during her bedtime bottle when my 3 year old son came bounding in the room after his bath with wet hair and only a pull up on.  He ran to me smiling, gently kissed his sisters head, and cuddled up on the rest of my lap.  All of the junk in my head disappeared and I knew I had to be doing something right to have just experienced such a sweet moment with my little man.

The little things can just turn a day on its head.