Friday, August 9, 2013

Little Things

Ever have one of THOSE days?  Where nothing really bad happens, but everything just feels a little off?  I had one of those today.  It probably all began with the 3 hour stretch rocking my daughter in the early morning hours trying to sooth her miserable teething self back to sleep.  Then some crazy traffic running errands.  Next add a dash of feeling like my kids were out of control at the pediatrician's for a check up (during nap time, what was I thinking scheduling it for then?) and a bit more while having friends over for dinner.  And last add messing up the roast and green beans for dinner and having my hubby save the day with burgers and fries (but I did successfully make a fruit salad...).

Being more than a little tired and frazzled, I cried a little bit while everyone else was grilling or playing outside while I fed my daughter baby purees inside (which she spat up and finger painted with).  Luckily I pulled it together enough to joke with my friends outside about not being allowed to cook the rest of the evening so we could eat and was able to fake the smile until I started to enjoy my evening. 

All and all the little things made me feel so inadequate.  After everyone went home, I was still deep in feeling not quite good enough while I was rocking my daughter during her bedtime bottle when my 3 year old son came bounding in the room after his bath with wet hair and only a pull up on.  He ran to me smiling, gently kissed his sisters head, and cuddled up on the rest of my lap.  All of the junk in my head disappeared and I knew I had to be doing something right to have just experienced such a sweet moment with my little man.

The little things can just turn a day on its head.

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