Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trying Something New

This morning I saw a shared link on Facebook that caught my attention.  I didn't have enough time to read it in depth, but I like the idea- a 30 day challenge of running a mile each day. 

It sounds perfect for me.  I haven't ran at all in 2-3 months and need a way to get back into the groove of running without getting overwhelmed or signing up for a race.  It's been a very rainy summer in my neck of the woods and between the showers, kiddos, nursing, teething, and my daughter not sleeping through the night the thought of working out beyond taking a walk with my family seems like a tall order.  But really I know it's all just excuses.

So I've started this challenge.  Today.  Right after lunch and getting my kids in their rooms for nap.  And I'm not telling anyone beyond this and dailymile (I highly doubt even my husband reads my blog since it's not technology content).  Well I did tell my 3 year old son, only because he's not in a crib and I didn't want him searching for the source of the noise of me on the treadmill during nap time.  He was cute and asked me why I wanted to exercise.  I told him I like how it makes me feel healthy and strong.  That seemed to satisfy him.

Each day I'll put up that I did my mile and a quick blurb. 

Day 1: 10:55 on the treadmill after lunch.  I set the speed much slower than I thought I could do because it was right after lunch and I hadn't ran in quite awhile.  Breathing felt fine, but my muscles were feeling warm/pulled during the last quarter mile.  All and all a 9 out of 10.

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