Monday, September 23, 2013

A small revisit to the worry with duodenal atresia

Over three years ago when little man's surgeon released us from future visits he warned us not to worry unless he stopped pooping or started vomiting bile. 

At about 8 months little man's first stomach bug found me the worried mom showing a spit cloth of stomach acid to his pediatrician, who reassured me that it was merely a stomach bug since he was also having diarrhea.  I feel a little silly about it looking back. 

We have a very peaceful last (nearly) 3 years.  Little man hasn't had any troubles and has grown like a weed (he's well over the 100% for height), so we've considered his surgery a complete success that has grown very well with him.  His scar is long, but I honestly don't notice it and no one has asked me about in years.  Little man is oblivious to the scar and has yet to ask about it either.

The one thing that I have been a little (okay a lot) crazy about has been his pooping.  Remember how miraculous that first bowel movement was after surgery?   That memory never really left me.  I would skim over his daily activity sheet each day when I picked him up from daycare and breathe a sigh of relief to see a check mark for a poopy diaper or a bowel movement in the potty.  I started staying home with my kids 4 months ago and am even more aware of this now that he proudly gives me a report of what happened in the bathroom (gotta love a potty trained kid).

And then we went on vacation to visit family.  And ate terribly.  And he didn't poop for several days.  And although I knew that he had eaten terribly and that was probably the issue, my mind started to  wonder to a place of worry.  I pumped that kid so full of fruit, beans, and water, all the while worrying that something was terribly wrong and he would need another surgery.  And then 4 long days later he pooped and I once again felt that relief that came with his very first bowel movement in the hospital after his surgery. 

Much more fiber, fruit, and water will be part of the plan for our next family vacation in November...

Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 14!!

I took a long walk with a friend this morning and the legs were feeling tight when I hopped on the treadmill after lunch, but it was a great run!  I think all of this is rubbing off on the hubby.  Last night he did over 3 miles on the treadmill after dinner.  Thinking he may be sore today!

Day 14:  9:11 on the treadmill after lunch.  Great run!  Felt awesome:)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 13

I skipped yesterday.  I'd taken the kids to the zoo and figured 4 hours of pushing the double jogger should count for something.  I took the kids to a local park to run the paved trails and then enjoy the playground.

Day 13: park trails in 11:08 with the double jogger.  I was tired from yesterday, it was hot and humid even on the shaded trail, and I spent a lot of time running dealing with little man freaking out over baby girl pitying her feet on him.  6 out of 10.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Getting out for once

I ran outside for the first time since June!  How fun!

Day 12: Ran a 9:37 mile outside in my subdivision after the kids were in bed.  It was warm, humid, and hilly but I enjoyed getting out.  8 out of 10.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 11

Back at it!

Day 11:  On the treadmill after kiddos' bedtime in 9:22.  I went quick more because I wanted it to be over than feeling good.  My tummy was bugging me, but little lady spat up on me and the smell was lingering.  6 out if 10.

An end to the streak

I'm going to continue my challenge, but it won't be a perfect streak.  Yesterday evening life happened and although it wasn't serious, being a comforting mom consumed my evening and I didn't run.  I'm allowing flexibility and not beating myself up over the missed run.  Instead, I know today is a new day and am moving forward with the intent of the challenge instead of completing it to perfection.